About Corporate Office

PACRIM MARTEC COMPANY (PMC) is an international navel architect and marine consulting firm based in Oakland, California. It offers services including marine system engineering and conceptual design, preliminary design, guidance plan and specification preparation, shipyard negotiations, plan review, construction inspection, and preparation of working drawings, etc., whether it’s a new building project or rehabilitation work, all delivered within schedule and budget constrains without exception.

PMC has proudly custom-redesigned and supplied the top-notch loading computer system called HSSI CARGOMAX worldwide.  This type of system, based on one of the backbone products originally developed by Herbert Software Solutions, Inc., is a PC based shipboard load planning and analysis program providing the capability to quickly and evaluate ship loading. The speed and versatility of the system make it an effective tool for maximizing cargo stowage by optimizing cargo distributions. This "must" system has been so far equipped on board of over 1000 ships.

PMC also enjoys a good reputation and expertise in marketing a selective range of special equipment, materials all related to shipbuilding, ship-repairing and port construction as well as container moving, etc.

Contact Us

For more information about our products and services, please call (510) 558-7366, or use fax (510) 558-7299, or simply email us your inquiries or questions to pkung@pacrimusa.com.