New Shipment

Ever since its establishment in 1991, PMC has designed and/or co-designed, or provided technical consultation on designing various ships, from container vessels to bulk carriers, from Post Panamax to VLCC, for a number of ship owners and/or shipping companies worldwide.

We have developed strong constructability sense - to look at projects in a pragmatic fashion, to stage and schedule construction to suit.  Our engineers have assisted clients, owners, and users of facilities in developing Operation and Maintenance manuals and training procedures.

In our projects, we stress the importance of preparing sound engineering estimates, from conceptual design to the bid estimate.  Estimates are prepared from a large database of readily available and current construction industry information.  We incorporate sound project management and task control methods to develop design and analysis.  The mix of staffing gives our firm a very pragmatic, hands-on understanding of how to achieve a quality constructed project.